How to change the nose pads for your glasses?

Have you at any point seen those plastic or silicone pads that our glasses have? Also, have you seen the shading obtained by these pads after some time? It’s bit nauseating, and, thusly, in the end it is fundamental to change this part. In the present blog we will reveal to you how to change the nose pads or arm pads.

We will give you bit by bit:

  1. In request to change the nose pads or arm pads of an exactness screwdriver or a little screwdriver, a chamois or a fabric and if conceivable a couple of forceps is required.
  2. First spread the focal point on the arm pad to be supplanted. With this activity harming the focal point because of an incident is dodged.
  3. Once our focal point is secured, utilizing the accuracy screwdriver pry the tabs where the Ray-Ban nose pads are found. When opened a break, pop the nose or arm pad off.
  4. In request to introduce the new nose pad, place onto its mount, press into spot and utilizing the forceps fix the screws of every tab in order to close them.
  5. Once it is appropriately fastened, our arm or nose pad has been changed.

Nose Pads

It’s very straightforward, however there is continually something that may shift or have a somewhat surprising instrument. As you definitely know, should you have any inquiries, kindly do not spare a moment to us and we will be extremely glad to help.

When you are prepared, follow these basic advances:

  1. Place the nose pad on its mount on your glasses and adjust it to the screw opening.
  2. Use a magnet to place the screw into the screw opening.
  3. Remove the magnet utilizing a flat development.
  4. As you fix the screw with your screwdriver, hold the glasses so the screw head faces upwards.

Instructions to Replace a Push-In or Adhesive Nose Pad

Both push-in and Oakley nose pads replacement are easy to introduce and require no extra equipment. For a push-in nose pad, simply push the old nose pad off with your finger and snap on the enhanced one. Glue nose pads are typically utilized for eyewear that does not have nose pads. They are great on the off chance that you need extra solace. To utilize them, strip away the paper support to uncover the clingy side of the nose pad. At that point apply it to the segment of the edge that contacts your nose.