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Warehouse management system wms คือ is a software application designed to support and optimizes warehouse or distribution centre management. By controlling and managing the picking, put away and replenishment processes, WMS enables organizations to reduce operational costs and increase customer service.

Managing inventory in a warehouse is not a simple task 

Managing inventory in a warehouse wmsคือ(wms is) is not a simple task. Warehouses are expected to handle unpredictable volumes of orders and make complex shipping decisions, often under time constraints.

Because a WMS is so complex, many large companies choose to outsource their logistics management. Here are some things that your company can do to make the most of its outsourced logistics services:

  • Plan ahead. You should have adequate quantities of stock on hand at all times to meet customer demand.
  • Provide accurate product information. If you don’t have enough information about your products, it will be difficult for your logistics provider to properly store them.
  • Provide accurate customer information. Your logistics provider needs to know how and when you want your products delivered and how much you’re willing to pay for that service level.

There are four main components to a warehouse management system (WMS): receiving, storage, packing and shipping. A WMS should be able to optimize all of these activities. For instance, it should track when orders are due and ensure that staff picks the right items for the right customers. It should also know whether an item has been picked or packed and keep track of where an order is in the shipping process.